Thursday, September 20, 2007

Akil 11

Back home and out came the ever present cervesa. I must say, a lot of beer is consumed by the three households on that corner of Akil. We probably drank 4 cases before the night was over.

Maria’s brothers came over and shared in the killing of the cases. They had brought the TV out to the front yard because Mexico was playing Argentina in the soccer playoffs. I bet one of Maria’s brothers that Argentina would win. I wanted Mexico to win, but he was being so smug about Mexico making it to the finals, that I just had to challenge him. About 20 minutes into the first half, Mexico scored and there was no turning back. Argentina never made a goal and I gladly paid Mike the 50 pesos I had bet him at the end of the game. After that, it seemed that everything that happened, somebody wanted to bet with me about it. I think they thought I was an easy mark! But I held onto my money and never bet again.

About 10 pm, Juan announced that he was going rabbit hunting again and went to change his clothes. Carlos and one of Maria’s brothers were going with him. So off they went, leaving B and I to visit with the remaining brother and Maria’s sister who had also shown up. She and B hit it off right away and drank Margaritas together. It was a fun evening but an exhausting one. Nobody spoke any English and our Spanish is bad, to say the least. However, we all managed to communicate well enough to decide around midnight that pizza would be good. B and Mike piled into Mike’s car and headed for the closest town with pizza, about 20 miles away. By the time they got back, everybody had grown tired and had either gone home or gone to bed. So they pull in with two giant pizzas and just me sitting there waiting! I think the smell worked because the kids and Maria miraculously appeared at the dining room table and merrily piled their plates. Their was not a single piece left from two large pizzas. The five of us managed to scarf it all down with no problem.

So, with a full belly and feeling more than a little tipsy, we trundled off to bed. Tomorrow was supposed to be the ruins at Uxmal and it would be a long, hot day.

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Anonymous said...

So just how much had they had to drink before they drove to get the pizza?