Saturday, October 20, 2007

Car Trip 6

After a quick nap, shower and change of clothes, we headed out to explore the downtown and get something to eat. Having been here before, I got to act as tour guide! B wanted to know where Jaimie and I had eaten so I took him to that restaurant. It is right on the town square so we decided to save it for after dinner coffee.

We headed over to the Malecon (sea walk), which I didn’t realize existed when Jaimie and I were here. We had gotten in after dark and it was very late by the time we got a taxi downtown. We did not do that much exploring. The malecon was very pleasant and had some interesting big cement balls supporting the overhead pedestrian walkways to cross the busy street (also same as MX 180) running along the Gulf. Off to my left I could see the bridge that was to take us off the island and back to the mainland again tomorrow morning. I wasn’t afraid of it, but I wasn’t looking forward to it either! I put it out of my mind and continued to stroll along with B looking for a restaurant. The other thing I had not noticed when here previously, was offshore oil rigging platforms. They were all along the coast heading back in the direction from which we had entered the town. That must be the major reason for this town to exist.

Off to our right, and across the street, we could see a two story structure. It looked like a motel but instead of rooms, it had restaurants! We should have no problem finding a good place to eat. I wanted a beer with my dinner, so, as we looked at the various menus posted at the restaurants, I scanned to see what type they had. I was particularly looking to see if they had Sol since I don’t really like Corona or Dos Equiis. I was shocked to discover that not one restaurant offered beer as one of their beverage choices! I had had the same problem the last time I was here but had forgotten. I think that CdelC must be a dry town because I never even saw any stores even where you could buy beer downtown!

We ended up eating at one of the places on the second floor, outside, with a table overlooking the busy street below. Just out of curiosity, I asked the waiter if they had beer. He asked me to wait and went and got the person in charge. I don’t know if he was the owner or manager but I repeated my question to him. He informed me that they indeed did have beer and they did have Sol! I was ecstatic and ordered one up! When they brought it out I was a bit perplexed and annoyed at first. It had been poured into a tall, dark red plastic glass and had a straw sticking out of it! I have heard all the stories about drinking beer through a straw and did not really want to consume beer in this fashion. But then it hit me. I was being served boot leg beer! I was not about to give away the restaurants’ secret that they sold beer, despite any law to the contrary. So I drank my beer through the straw as if it were a soft drink and was just happy to have it!

After dinner we walked the two blocks back to the town square. Nothing very exciting about it. It was laid out in the typical Mexican fashion of a band shell in the middle and spokes going out from that. But a pleasant, tree filled square just the same. We browsed the few vendors that had set up booths around and I eventually bought a new leather belt.

I had been eagerly anticipating showing B the musical fountain here. Unfortunately, it was turned off and was bone dry. No idea why. It certainly was interesting when running though. We eventually ended up back at the outdoor cafe on the square for coffee. It was quite enjoyable, just watching people go by. Except for one thing. Right across from us was a woman in a booth selling phone cards (tarjetas). Every 10 seconds she would yell "Tarrrrrrrrrjetas" to no one in particular. I know this because it was so irritating I timed her. She wasn’t as good as she thought though. One time it was 12 seconds. Seriously though, her timing was exceptional.
After enjoying our coffee and, knowing that there was nothing to do anyway and that we also had to get an early start, we strolled back to our hotel and got a good nights rest.

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