Saturday, November 24, 2007

Car Trip Final Chapter

Monday morning, May 2, 2005. Only a little over four more hours of driving and we would be home! Or pretty close to it anyway. We had to catch the car ferry back to the island before we could really say we were home!

We were up at 6:00 am. All three of us anxious to have breakfast and get underway. We made sure everything was packed and then headed out for breakfast.

Just across the street from our hotel is the Cafe Habana. This is a very old coffee shop/restaurant in Merida. We have had breakfast and dinner there on more than one occasion. So why, of all mornings, did we have to have the worst experience ever here?! There was a really shabby feeling about it on this morning. The waiters were all standing around, doing nothing. Some of them had there heads down on the bar and were actually sleeping! I know it was early, but please. Once awake, they were a sullen lot. It was hard to get their attention. This once elegant establishment had somehow sunk to the level of serving creamer in paper packets!
This from a place that still roasts there own coffee on the premises! Never mind. We will just remember our last experience there and more than likely choose someplace else from now on when in Merida.

“On the road again. Just can’t wait to get on the road again.” That was the phrase going through my head as we returned to our room, gathered our stuff and checked out. We got the car out of the parking lot and were truly heading for home.

It was a totally uneventful trip back to Cancun. Four hours along that dreaded, boring stretch of freeway. The one where the jungle comes right to the edge of the road and it is like driving down a giant green tunnel. Nothing to see and no cars hardly at all. Freeway negotiated and on through the outskirts of Cancun and the city proper. Out the other side and on to Punta Sam where we catch the car ferry. We pulled in and parked the car in line and breathed a sigh of relief. We had survived a great adventure but could see our island, beckoning us home once more!

We agreed that we had a good time and could hardly wait to start planning our next great adventure!

Next Up: the drama that was Hurricane Wilma. Living through it and the horrible aftermath.


Anonymous said...


i thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip and because of it, we will be visiting zacatecas and las pozas during our 2 weeks of travel in april. i had never heard of either of those places. we will go to guanajuato, which i also enjoyed reading about in your posts, and to sma. i hope 2 weeks will be enough time to go to all those places. we will be traveling by bus and staying in hostels-should be a lot of fun.

just 6 weeks till we get to chacala. our town is now covered with a thin layer of black ice-even our dog was slipping as i walked him this morning. thank God for snow tires.

thanks again for all the informative and interesting reading. keep it up!

have a great week!

Sandye in Kansas said...

Wayne, I really enjoyed your narration of your trip. I followed you along on a Mexican map and occasionally even wandered off on searches of the internet for some of the places and cities that you visited.