Saturday, February 2, 2008

Costa Rica 20

We had planned on going to dinner that night at a little soda called “Miss Edith’s Place”. Meals here are of the typical casada type but run an expensive $7 per plate. The guidebook says that it “is undoubtedly the best place in town - and worth the price. Miss Edith offers tasty Caribbean fare served on a homey front porch. The potatoes in garlic sauce are truly sublime.” Well, I was ready for that! We walked out of the hotel grounds, turned to our right and there it was, right at the base of the hill where the road made a sharp turn to the left. We thought about grabbing our umbrellas because it was starting to spit a bit of rain and we knew what that could turn into! But we were just going to be a few yards down the street, no big deal.

We approached and saw that there was not one table available. The place was packed and it looked like a tour group had taken it over for the night. There were one or two tables with couples at them, otherwise all tables had been pushed together to accommodate this large group. We were told that they were almost done and we should be able to be seated in about ten minutes. Twenty minutes later, with growling stomachs and long faces, we decided that we had better move on. There was no indication from this group that there were going to be leaving soon. Reluctantly, thinking of those garlic potatoes I was going to miss, we headed back up the hill and the few blocks to town.

There were several places to choose from but we were not in a mood to go menu hopping to each of them. The first one we came too was a pleasant enough place and the menu sounded ok so we ate there. And I’m glad we did. It was very pleasant. It was a large open space with half walls and a thatched roof that extended way over the sides so that no rain could drip in. The floor was wooden boards and they actually had tablecloths! I’m sure I had some chicken concoction but I don’t remember for sure. I do remember that it was very good and B and L both commented on the excellent quality of their fare also. So Phhht to Miss Edith!

After dinner, we crossed the road and I spent some time browsing a little gift shop while B and L went two doors down and got a cup of ice cream. I was too full for dessert! While we were standing under this little awning that runs the length of the five businesses on this street, it started to rain. Not a warning drizzle or anything, but real rain, Costa Rican style! It literally poured out of the sky. We were trapped. Should have brought our umbrellas after all! At least we were entertained while we waited for the rain to let up a bit. Right across the street, next to the restaurant where we had eaten, was another one that had been closed for a private party. And not just any party, a wedding! While B and L finished their ice cream and I had yet another cigarette, we watched the merrymakers dance and stagger all over the bar to the refrains of wedding reception reggae! It was a great experience to see this piece of culture.

The rain finally let up a bit and we decided to make a dash for it. Every man for himself at his pace. Which meant me last of course! The first two blocks were not bad but then it opened up again and we were all soaked by the time we got back to the room. Exhausted, but happy from another great day, we fell into bed and were asleep by 9:30pm! An unheard of hour!

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