Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Costa Rica 22

We left the little compound and stood by the side of the tar road that passed by. We finally decided that we really didn’t need to wait for a taxi because we had seen a couple of restaurants just down the road. The road we had come in on ended at a T in the road. To the right went to town, to the left was our lodge. This T was about a mile down the road so we decided to hoof it. Hot and sweaty, we finally reached the corner, only to discover that the restaurant was now closed! Not to worry, across the road a few yards down the road was a local soda so we headed to that. We had a very nice lunch, again featuring the casada, the gigantic meal that is so common in Costa Rica.

Lunch over, we decided to head into town. We had seen a store that looked like a small Wal-Mart that was having its’ grand opening the week end we were there. There was a mini carnival going on in the parking lot. We were not so much interested in this as we were in seeing what the store might have available in the way of snack and lunch food. As soon as we entered, it was obvious that this was some sort of club store, similar to Sam’s or CostCo where you need a membership. No problem though. This was the grand opening and everyone was welcome and free to buy whatever they wanted. We perused the aisles and decided that there was nothing we needed and walked out empty handed. Maybe because we had just eaten, but nothing really looked appealing and we certainly did not see anything that we couldn’t live without.
Although it was a couple of miles back to the lodge, we decided to walk. By this time, our stamina levels were getting better and although it took a long time, it was not a difficult walk. Except for the heat! We made it back and curled up on our beds, exhausted and more than ready for a siesta and to wait for the cooling temperatures of dark to come.

Awake, feeling fresh and dressed to go out, we decided to break out the rum and Coke, grab some ice from the community refrigerator and have a few drinks before we headed out to dinner. We had just mixed our drinks and settled in under our little patio roof to enjoy the evening sights and sounds of the jungle that surrounded us, when BANG the thunder cracked, the lightning blazed across the sky and then the rain came down. Thankfully there was no wind at that point and we were able to just sit there, listening to the downpour hit the giant leaves above and all around us and make an incredibly loud sound. The air immediately chilled down and even smelled fresh. Still having some ice left, we decided to mix another and see if we could wait out the rain.

I guess we were feeling optimistic, thinking that the rain in Costa Rica would ever stop! Just like any good tropical thunderstorm, it would lessen up a little, just enough to tease you that it was over, and then it would start up again, usually heavier than before. Such was the case this night. So we had another drink. There isn’t much else to do in the evening hours while traveling besides having a drink or two. We waited and waited but hunger finally kicked in and it was decided that we would break out the rain ponchos and umbrellas and head into town for dinner. Or at least B and L decided that. I hardly ever get hungry in the normal sense of the word. I normally only eat when somebody else is, quite content to go all day with just one meal. So, with the rain absolutely pouring down and the wind now blowing fiercely, I decided that curling up in my nice warm bed was a much better option than getting soaked to the gills just to get something to eat.

I announced that I was staying put and going to bed. I got no argument from B and L. They know me well enough by now to know that coaxing or arguing would do no good. So I watched as they made themselves rainproof and bid them a good journey as they headed out into the dark night to try to find a ride downtown for dinner.

Shortly after they left there was a knock on our door. I was almost in bed, having just finished brushing my teeth. I put some pants back on and went to the door. It was the niece of the owner. She wanted to know if we would like a ride downtown to a restaurant or something! I told her she was about five minutes too late but she might be able to catch the guys out by the road if she hurried. She said ok and scurried off. I found out later that she did indeed find them and took them right to the doorstep of the restaurant. What great service from a hotel, well, actually, jungle lodge.

In the meantime, I cozied on down and promptly fell asleep. I was awakened later when B and L returned and had to tell me of their adventure and the great food I missed. I didn’t feel like I had missed anything though. I put my head back on the pillow and listened to the rain pounding like a bass drum on the wooden roof over us. It was so loud that I thought I would never be able to fall back asleep. I don’t even remember them turning out the lights and I slept so soundly that I did not awaken until the next morning!

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