Monday, February 25, 2008

Costa Rica 32

Our adventures as Tarzan and Cheetah over, we made our way back to town. I remember the going was tough. It was a long way to walk anyway and I was exhausted. But a good kind of tired. It had really been a lot of fun and I could go back there everyday. I wish there was someplace like that here on the island.

After grabbing a quick lunch, we headed back to the comfort and security of our room. B and L decided to take a swim in the luxury pool included in our digs. I just couldn’t see getting all wet again. Besides, I had enough of water games for one day! Wouldn’t you know it. Just as they were about to step off the safety of the porch and head down the stairs to the pool, the heavens opened up with a typical monsoon type rain. We had not had to endure any rain the past three days and had been more than elated about that. No matter. They decided one could swim in the rain just as well. I have a great picture of them running towards the pool in the rain, all hunched over from the cold pelting them, but I am not allowed to post it! They have no sense of humor when it comes to making fun of them!

I sat on the porch, catching up on my journal and notes for this (I hope not!) long, boring ass story. They eventually tired of being wet or just plain busy and returned to the porch. We were all exhausted and decided a nice siesta was in order. I think we snoozed the snooze of the dead because when we woke up it was time for dinner!

On our way home for the hot springs last night, we passed by what looked like a really good pizzeria. A quick look in the guidebook also recommended it, so pizza it was. We walked to the main plaza, just a few blocks from the hotel, and caught a cab. Not just any cab though. I think we upset the apple cart because I would not get into the first taxi in line. I insisted on the third one. It had nothing to do with the driver being cute, but rather the car itself. I don’t remember the name of it, but it is local only to Costa Rica. A medium size boxy sort of thing. I had seen similar looking cars while in the USA last May and wanted to ride in it, just for fun. I oohed and aahed about the car all the way to the pizzeria, much to the delight of the owner/driver. Alas, he would not pull over and let me drive it though. Even though I begged liked a little boy.

We were practically the only ones in the pizza place. A really nice, big place with a huge brick oven for baking. It took awhile to get through the eight pages of gourmet pizzas before we could decide on two. Whatever happened to just plain pepperoni and cheese? It was great pizza and just what the doctor ordered.

Since the pizza place was a bit out of town, we had to have the restaurant call for a cab and had a bit of a wait. Just as we were thinking maybe we should walk back to town, a taxi pulled up. Turns out it was not the one that had been called for us, but we got in anyway, grateful for the ride!

Back at the hotel we broke out the ice, Coke and Flor de Cana and the deck of cards. We sat as long as we could on the porch, sipping Cuba Libres and playing cards. Finally the bugs chased us indoors. I was more than ready to call it a night. However, while surfing the cable TV in the room, L came across Pirates of the Caribbean. B and I had already seen it but he had not. Of course, it is such a good movie, we were drawn into it and it was another two hours before we finally turned out the lights and settled down to sleep.

All in all, a very enjoyable day off from traveling and being on a tight schedule.

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