Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 6

We drove on for a couple of more hours, stopping occasionally to take photos or just to stretch our legs. At one such stop, a pull over space actually, we spotted this giant water tank. They must have used it while building the road or something and then just left it lying there. It was surrounded everywhere by trash. Garbage, not trash. I think people just threw whatever they had accumulated in their cars onto the pile of garbage here. Pity really because the views from this stop were impressive but somehow diminished by all the garbage around.

Back on the road heading towards Oaxaca and we encountered the first of many Mexican stop signs along the road. Believe me, when you see these, you either stop or proceed with much caution. (the cow picture from yesterday was supposed to go here! oops)

We finally arrived in Oaxaca City itself and I was glad to be there. As cold as it had been crossing the mountain range, it was now the opposite in heat. It was a scorching day when we arrived and a Sunday to boot. L had been here many, many times in the past and expertly guided us to the area of town where we needed to be. We found a parking space still several blocks from the hotel he wanted to check out and I pulled in. B and L got out to go check on hotels and stayed put and guarded the car and smoked a few cigs to catch up on the ones I had missed while driving and not able to take my hands off the wheel.

The first few hotels that he checked were full so we consulted the Lonely Planet and a map of the city and were off once again. We finally settled on the Hotel Principal, (14) which was about five blocks from the town square and the center of town. The interior courtyard was very pleasant and seemed very old.
Our room faced a wide street which was not very busy at all. Especially considering it was one of the main arteries leading to the town square. As I looked off our tiny balcony, I was struck immediately by how little vegetation there was. Not a tree or shrub on the street. At first I thought this was going to be a dismal city if they had no trees or other vegetation. I later discovered that trees were everywhere, just not on our street!
I did see a street sweeper and found his broom highly amusing.

After getting ourselves somewhat settled in, the piece of business was to set out exploring. First stop: Iglesia de Santo Domingo.

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