Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 32

The next morning we were up and packed in time to go downstairs for breakfast. We were, after all, staying at a B&B!

Breakfast was an elegant affair. Much fancier than I am comfortable with nowadays. We were seated at a very formally set table in the dining room. Lace tablecloth, cloth napkins, salt cellars, the best silverware and glassware. We sat down and introduced ourselves to the couple already there.

They were an elderly couple from Texas and I instantly took a dislike to them. Later I found out that B and L did too. It just so happened that he was celebrating his 80th birthday. I found them both to be nosey, pretentious and bordering on rude with their personal questions. Mostly at a situation like that, people tend to discuss safe topics. Certainly not religion, life styles and finances. And we were especially bored by her stories of all the places they have been and things they have seen. Because they can afford to travel. Barf me out with a spoon. We did not linger over breakfast. We had places to go anyway.

Our next stop was to be the city of Guadalajara. By freeway, it was only an hour away.

We pulled into Guadalajara and made our way through downtown with me driving and L navigating. Not as easy as it sounds. Guadalajara has four million residents and I bet over half of them own cars! We located all four hotels that we had earmarked as possibly being suited to us. Read: within our budget.

From where I had parked, B and L could reach all of the hotels and went to give them a look see while I patiently waited in the hot car. They came back forty minutes later and gave the report. Without fail, each one had been sleazier than the one before. So out came the Lonely Planet again and we started looking for other hotels to check out. But then I made a tentative suggestion.

"Do we really need to see Guadalajara? I know, I have wanted to come here for a long time. But, you know what? I am sick to death of cathedrals, museums and especially big cities. I would be just as happy to move on."

I was shocked by the quick and unanimous agreement that came from my travelling companions. We decided that we would just head on out to Aquascaliente.

Below is all I really saw of Guadalajara.

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