Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 52

The morning of Saturday, June 2, found us up and about quite early. We packed our bags and headed downstairs for the included breakfast at our hotel. We were to catch the train back to Los Mochis today. Reversing the route that carried us upward just a few days before. We were slightly loathe to leave the area after only so few days. We felt like there was much more to see in this unique corner of Mexico.

While we checking out, the hotel clerk asked us if we would be interested in a private tour of the area by car. He assured us that the tour only lasted 3 hours and we would then arrive in Diversadero in time to catch the train there. We figured, why not? A chance to see more and 3 hours less of a train ride. Win, win!

Our Spanish speaking only guide picked us up in front of the hotel and off we went. He was very knowledgeable about the area and filled us in as we went along. He was able to point out every different variety of tree and bird that we saw. I asked him what animals were indigenous to the area. Wolves, coyotes, birds of prey, snakes, lizards, that sort of thing. It looked like bear country to me also so I asked him specifically about bear. He laughed. He said that there used to be a lot of bear in the mountains but that the Indians ate them all up long ago!

He took us to several canyons that are not on the regular tour routes.

The views were all spectacular.

Along the way, we saw some other piles of rocks that had been named by the locals. Any guesses as to what they called this formation?

They also had a particularly descriptive name for this V shaped opening in the rocks.

All in all, we stopped and visited three different canyons but saw many, many more.

One of the canyons had such a spectacular point of interest, that it deserves its' own post. The picture above is a hint at it.
We were very glad that we took the time to take this extra, last minute tour. It left us with a good feeling and we felt that we had truly gotten to see what the Copper Canyon is all about.

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Looks very Arizona-ish with a Grand Canyon vibe!

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