Thursday, October 23, 2008

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 26

After dropping off L's medications and making sure that he took them, B and I headed out for dinner and to leave to sleep in peace. By now it was 8:30 PM and we decided to stop somewhere for a drink first.

We exited our hotel and right next door was a restaurant/bar with live music inside and tables on the wide sidewalk. Like in most colonial cities, the sidewalk was covered and entered from the street via a series of arches. A very pleasant space to just sit and unwind and watch the local life of Patzcuaro in the park across the street. We ordered drinks and did just that.

Finally we decided it was time to get something to eat. We had already chosen our restaurant. It was listed in the guidebook as a botana (snack) bar. With every drink you order, you get an assortment of snack food. Unfortunately, when we got there it had already closed for the evening. No problem. We would just walk around until we saw a restaurant that struck our fancy.

We walked the entire Grand Plaza and found not one restaurant open! It was only 10 PM! We quite often forget that basic Mexico is not Isla Mujeres. Here nothing closes until it has too. But in basic Mexico, regular open/close hours are kept. Disappointed but not hopeless, we made our way the few blocks over to Plaza Chica. Again, same story. We did happen upon a restaurant that was evidently closing but there was still one occupied table on the sidewalk. We prevailed upon the waiter to please ask the cook to make us something. Anything. We were not going to be fussy at that point!

The waiter disappeared into the kitchen and came back and said we could still have soup and a breaded chicken breast. Bring it on!

We had a throughly enjoyable little meal and a nice conversation with the waiter while we ate. He didn't actually sit down at the table with us, but he might as well have. We love talking to wait people and bartenders. One really gets the feel of a place quickly and they always have excellent suggestions for out of the way places to see or eat at. This one was no exception. He told us that we had to go visit Santa Clara de Cobre. So, a few days later, we did.

But first we had to get L well.

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