Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 27

It was evident that we were going to have to spend another day in Patzcuaro. L was on the road to recovery but in no shape to travel. So we decided to have a leisurely look/see of Patzcuaro and set out to explore.

Most we just played the role of sight-seeing tourists and shoppers. We visited every little shop and shopping plaza we could find. One was a candle shop and I went a little crazy buying candles to bring back to the island. Some I gave away as presents, some I kept. Lots of little knick knacks to choose from and the shops were truly interesting. Unlike here on the island where every shop seems to sell the same thing, each shop here was unique and interesting.

We went into a little tucked away plaza at one point and found some places. One specialized in wooden items. While B and L shopped, I sat on a little wall outside the shops. It didn't take long for a little old man who looked to be in his 80's came and sat down beside me. I don't think they got Gringos in this particular shopping area very often. We had a nice little shop but I was amazed that he had no idea where Isla Mujeres was. Nor Cancun. Nor the state of Quintana Roo. I drew a map in the dirt and he was amazed that we had travelled so far.

One of the many interesting window treatments in Patzcuaro.

We visited the market on the hill next to the church. I was not overly impressed with it. I understand that it is a busy place around Day of the Dead, selling tons of flowers. There was not much going on in May however.

We finally ended up in place called House of the Eleven Arches. It once was one of Mexico's first hospitals, then a Dominican Convent and now just a maze of various shops. It was quite fun to wander from hallway to hallway, up and down stairs to see what was on offer. Although we found some interesting shops, of greater interest was the architecture itself.

This was a typical floor within. The pieces of slat had been laid on end instead of flat. What a lot of work! But it certainly made for an interesting pattern.

One area still had one of the old wells full of water.

There were staircases everywhere. At times it felt like we were in school with Harry Potter where the staircases move at will!

One of the eleven arches.

There were these little staircases everywhere and each one more interesting than the one before.

L was really worn out by this time so we took him back to the hotel where he could rest. B and I decided to grab the trolley that gives city tours. So off we went to get our private, guided tour of downtown Patzcuaro!

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