Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 35

Ah, Durango. Land of the cowboy, high desert and westerns. I was really looking forward to visiting this town. It was one of the major places on my list to visit.

To get there from Aquascaliente, our route took us through large, rolling hills and buttes in the distance. The kind you expect to see a group of Indians on horses looking down at you from. Just before they bombard you with blazing arrows. Beautiful, breathtaking, high desert scenery. But there were also unrelenting stretches of pavement that stretched out in front of you as far as you could see. Not so nice.

On the way we stopped at a convenience/gas station in the little dusty town of Nombre de Dios. (In the name of God) We thought it was aptly named. We bought pre-packaged sandwiches and Cokes and sat on the curb of the store to chow them down. Many of the locals who came and went while we relaxed and ate gave us a passing nod or a quizzical stare. But none interrupted our little cowboy lunch. I doubt very much that they see a passing gringo very often.

We located a great hotel in downtown Durango, the Posada San Jorge. (30 out of 30) After we checked in, we went to dinner at Pizza Calderone and then stopped for ice cream. We wondered over to Plaza de Armas, the beautiful town square and sat and watched the children playing, young couples doing as much as they could with watchful parents around, and life in a quiet big city hustle and bustle around us. It was most pleasant and a nice way to end the day.

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