Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 41

The next morning, following the signs to Culiacan and Expressway MX15, we made our way out of Mazatlan. We had noticed that the tires were getting a little low so we stopped at a Pemex gas station to get gas and filled the tires. We also grabbed a cup of gas station coffee to slug down on the way.

We weren't far down the road when the car started to feel sluggish and heavy. We all know that feeling. The one that says "Your tire is going flat." I pulled over to the side of the road and we had a look. Yup. The tire that had looked a little low and that we had just put air in was now almost flat. There was enough air to drive for a little ways though.

We drove a bit further down the road and saw a sign for a vulcanizador, or tire repair shop. We pulled over and patiently waited for the owner to finish what he was doing and saunter over to us. He took one look at the tire and said "You want me to fix that?" Kind of a duh question.

He jacked up the car, took the tire off and disappeared back into his workshop to have a look see.

Take a look at our wheel. Remember, the car at that time was just barely two years old. That's what constant exposure to sea salt laden air will do.

While we were waiting for the verdict, I had a little peek into his "warehouse". I would be shocked if any part you needed was not in there somewhere.

Shortly thereafter he came out and motioned us to follow him. He showed us the tire and the huge screw that was stuck in the tire. He said he could patch it good as new so we told him to go ahead. The whole process took 20 minutes and cost us a whopping 50 pesos.

The whole visit with this guy took considerably longer. He wanted to chat. He had noticed our Quintana Roo license plates and had about a thousand questions regarding Hurricane Wilma. He had heard the island had broken into two pieces, that people had been swept out to sea, all kinds of nonsense like that. We were more than happy to set him straight as to what the real damage was.

Finally we were back on the road and heading for MX and our next destination.

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