Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer 2007 Car Trip - 42

Once on the freeway known as MX 15. Our route that day took us through Culiacan, Guamuchil, Guasave and on to Los Mochis. It was only about a four hour drive and, with a couple of exceptions, was uneventful and actually boring.

From Mazatlan to Culiacan is about 220 km, or 138 miles. All fast freeway. Except for all the bikes on the freeway that day. There was evidently a bike marathon going on and imagine our surprise when we saw flashing lights up ahead and discovered a covey of about 30 bikes in the right hand lane. These guys were fortunate. They had an escort of police and private vehicles, all flashing their hazard lights.

We thought we were pass them and had just speeded up to the speed limit of 68 MPH when I had to hit the brakes and slow way down again. Another group of bikers. This time without an escort. Just out their all on their own. At least they stayed in the right lane.

This freeway is not flat. It is a series of gently rolling hills. Not steep but to large to see over until you crest them. A rather dangerous place to be on a bike without an escort. We were to eventually see many more. Some small groups, some individuals. I was glad to finally cut off the freeway to the secondary road which would take us through Culican and back onto the freeway on the other side.

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